Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the TRI Learning Centre?

There are two methods for logging in:

1. Full TRI credentials: If you have been issued full TRI credentials (e.g., for PPMS, TOPS, the TRI intranet), you won't need to type these into the Learning Centre. Instead click on the orange 'TRI credentials' button on the login screen. This will direct you to log in using TRI single sign on.

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2. Learning Centre specific credentials: You must use the grey 'Learning centre credentials' button to log in. Your TRI username (which is typically the same as for your full TRI credentials) will be contained in your welcome email for the training site.

For your very first log in to the Learning Centre using this method, your TRI username will serve as your password also. The password you set from within the Learning Centre is specific to the Learning Centre and will not provide access to other TRI systems.

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It doesn't matter which of the two logins you use, as they are both linked to the same account.

I forgot my username/password.

1. Full TRI credentials: Your TRI password can be reset via TOPS. Remember, this will only work from within the TRI network (or a VPN). The link in the password reset email TOPS generates will be valid for 30 minutes.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your VPN or TRI network access, please contact your partner IT support for assistance.

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2. Learning Centre specific credentials:  Click on the grey 'Learning centre credentials' button and use the 'Forgot your password' option to reset your details. Note this process will update your TRI Learning Centre login details only and will not affect TOPS, the intranet or PPMS.

Please contact us if this process is not successful.

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Which courses do I need to complete?

You will be automatically enrolled in mandatory induction courses based on the type of work you will be doing at TRI:

  • Personnel working in the laboratory (and those who supervise personnel working in the laboratory) must complete the TRI lab safety, TRI chemical safety, & TRI fire safety modules. 
  • All other personnel must complete the TRI general safety and TRI fire safety modules.

How long do I have to complete the courses?

New users will have 30 days from the time of your invite to complete the required e-learning modules. If this date passes, your TRI building and printing access will be suspended until you have completed the courses. 

How often do I need to complete the courses?

COURSE                         TRAINING INTERVAL

TRI fire safety                1 year

TRI general safety         3 years

TRI lab safety                 3 years

TRI chemical safety       3 years

Will I need to complete training renewals?

Many of our training modules have renewal intervals (this will typically be listed in the 'course description'). You will receive reminder notifications starting 2 weeks before your course completion expires. After the renewal date passes, your TRI building and printing access will be suspended until your course is refreshed.

Will I receive notification of courses due for completion?

Absolutely, our required training reminders will generate the following series of notifications.  

Email notice

Reminder email



2 weeks before due date



1 week before due date



3 days before due date



2 days before due date



1 day before due date



Course due date

Trainee +

Trainee’s Supervisor


Access suspension  (following Tuesday)

Trainee +

Trainee’s Supervisor

Do I need to be at TRI to access the Learning Centre?

You do not need to be on site at TRI to log into the learning centre. Provided you know your log in details, you can sign in from anywhere. 

How do I self-enrol into additional courses?

Use the Course Catalog link from your dashboard to get a full list of available training courses, most of which will allow you to self enrol using the 'Get this course' button.

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I found an error or mistake with your content or want to provide feedback on a course. 

Please contact to let us know if you find any errors or mistakes in our content. We definitely want to ensure the information we are providing is accurate. In fact, feedback of any sort (good or bad!) is always welcome, so feel free to get in touch.