Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the TRI Learning Centre?

There are two methods for logging in:

1. Learning Centre specific credentials: These will be contained in your welcome email for the training site.  These credentials are specific to the Learning Centre and will not provide access to other TRI systems.

2. Auto-login with TRI credentials: If you have been issued TRI credentials and you are already on the TRI network, you can click "Already on the TRI network? Click HERE to auto-login" from the login screen.

It doesn't matter which of the two logins you use, as they are both linked to the same account.

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I forgot my username/password.

1. Learning Centre specific credentials:  Click on the grey question marks next to the username or password fields on the login page to request your username or password reset.  Note this will update your TRI Learning Centre login details only and will not affect TOPS, the intranet or PPMS.

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2. Auto-login with TRI credentials: Your TRI password can be reset via TOPS. Remember, this will only work from within the TRI network (or a VPN). If you are experiencing difficulty with your VPN or TRI network access, please contact your partner IT support for assistance.

I have finished the quiz, but my course isn't showing as complete.

Most commonly this will be caused by not having viewed mandatory content pages. Each course has a set of 'completion rules', which may include viewing course material, passing quizzes and attending face-to-face training sessions.

You can view the completion rules for each course from the course landing page and compare to the content list.

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